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Know Your Risk

How safe is your computer? Is your network secure? These are just two of the questions we are asking in our new Self Assessment Test. Take the test and know your risk.

The Assessment will be live on this website within the next couple of days. Look for a link here once it is ready.

You can also schedule an on site assessment, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Important Rogue Infection Update

We are now providing important information about the devastating trend of Rogue Infections. Rogue's are programs that pose as a security, anti-virus or similar protective program but are. in fact, a very serious infection typically designed to extort money and even private information from an unsuspecting victim. Visit our special Rogue Infection page for the latest information and guidance on avoiding this threat.

Announcing eGreen Environmental

We are pleased to announce the launch of eGreen Environmental, a technology recycling program. With our focus on both security and the environment this was the natural next step.

eGreen EnvironmentalThis service will become a very important part of our overall security offering, as it provides for the secure disposal of electronic waste. Our goal is simple; provide the community a secure and responsible way to deal with old technology. With this in mind we expect to eventually have a significant impact on the environment by reducing the overall volume of electronic waste that is deposited in our landfills.

Communities, groups and businesses that are interested in hosting a community or private recycling event are encouraged to contact us. We will also offer limited pickup services when we are in your area.

More details will be available on the eGreen Environmental website that should be launched within the next couple of weeks.

Protect your Data

Over the past few months we have been noticing an extremely alarming increase in the number of virus / trojan infections and data loss. Trust me, there is nothing worse than having to tell a client that he has lost years worth of data. This is why we have decided to proclaim 2011 as the Year of the Backup. Throughout the year we will be encouraging clients and even complete strangers to adopt a backup plan, and follow through with it.

We encourage you to visit our backup page for links to some of the very best backup products on the market today. Do it today!

Green Technology & Green Ideas

As information technology consultants we talk a lot about the word green, but what does it really mean and, even more important, how can it help me? Computer technology has this wonderful advantage of taking us to a place where we can be more efficient that we ever have been in the course of human history. Yes, we burn electricity in making this technology possible, but the ultimate consequence is that we save much more than we use.

Several years ago I wrote an article about the eventual paperless office. At that time technology seemed to be generating more printed output, and ironically, most of the technology problems were very often printing problems. Today many publications have been replaced by web sites and PDF files. Many offices have also gone, or are in the process of going, mostly paperless. Electronic documents have the distinct advantage of being easy to replicate and distribute.

Meetings and service calls have also gone green. Services like GoToMeeting make it possible to be there without actually being there, now that's green! Why spend your money (your green) and lots of energy to travel to a meeting when you can have that meeting from your very desk. In other words why not save some green by being green.

The smart use of green technology has also helped us to offer better customer service. In the time it takes us to travel to a client location we can often serve two or three clients. Of course sometimes there is no substitute for an on site visit, but when it can be avoided it is best for the environment and saves our clients green at the same time.

We have also been offering a technology recycling program, for the past few years, where we responsibly recycle computers, and other outdated technology items. In doing this our objective is to keep toxic electronic waste out of the landfills.

So how do you keep it green? The first thing is to dump the paper and move swiftly to the paperless office. While such a move might seem risky from a business perspective, it is really a wise choice. Not only is it good for fishes and frogs, but it will actually help you to keep your information easy to access and secure all at the same time.


Watch for details about our new recycling program in the upcoming weeks.


A good quality backup solution is the single most important way to protect your important data. We are encouraging everyone to protect themselves now! Visit our backup page for more details.

Acronis Backup for PC

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer world class Data recovery services from the leader in Data Storage. They offer recovery services for multiple media types including Hard Drive, Tape, Floppy Disk, Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, USB Key Drives, CD, DVD and many others from any manufacturer. Best of all, there is no charge if they recover no data. Click on the banner below for more information or to open a new case.

We are now offering a remote support solution that will help us to provide the best possible support using remote technology. Contact us for more information or to schedule a session.

Want to know what products we recommend to our customers without scheduling a consultation? Visit our newly updated products page for a list of our top recommended products and solutions.

We now have a support system that can offer Live Help. If you need service just click here.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new defect and enhancement tracking database. With this tool we can better manage your custom development project. To report or track a bug just click here.

The number of computers infected by viruses, trojans and other malware is increasing at an alarming rate. To properly protect yourself, every computer should be protected by a good quality anti-virus with firewall. If you are in a business environment you should also consider investing in other technologies like email filtering and a hardware firewall to help protect the electronic border of your business from unwanted intruders.